Risky Maze

​You are in a maze. Your task is to find the key and then exit.

On the way you will come across obstacles that remove the points of life.

​You have a few stones. When used they are visible on the minimap.

You can restore the points of life and and replenish the supply of stones with the help of a chest. Some chests are locked and you can open them with the key or a stone. If a stone was used for the opening, it will disappear.

Sandy Structure

The project «Sandy Structure» was created on the Godot Engine under the inspiration of the game «Tetris».

In the game you need to arrange the blocks, made up in the form of pentamino figures, in 3d space.

The size of the playing field is 9x9x21 (LxWxH).

To control using the keyboard and mouse.

The game supports English and Russian languages.

Game progress can be saved.